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Hello and welcome to my web space. I do hope you enjoy your time here. I personally find mushrooms and fungi fascinating objects and to me it is well worth documenting their presence in our wild and not so wild areas.

This site is for the mushroom "newbie" primarily. Soon you'll be off and checking out the more enriched sites that will offer you alot more information than I can. I know that because that's what I did. If you are so inclined to become a fungal hobbiest, then this site will help you with the basics. If your interested in edibles only, then it is imperative that you learn the inedibles, the sickeners as well as the few that can kill you. Hopefully you too will become a "fungi fanatic"!

Having hunted Morel mushrooms for years, I decided that 2003 would be the year that I would take the time to begin learning about other mushroom species. My main focus is of course, on edible mushrooms. However I found that mushrooms and fungi as a whole are beautiful organisms that deserved my attention, whether edible or not. While I spend a lot of time in the woods hunting and harvesting, I also wanted to take the time to photograph my finds. This website is dedicated not to me, but the treasures that the forests of Southwestern Ontario have yielded me.

I am not a professional and any information in my descriptions is not to be taken literally. Especially regarding edibility. Please take the time to research proper identification methods before consuming ANY wild mushroom.

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Michigan Morels


Tom Volks Fungi


George Barron

Pamelas Mushrooms

Taylor Lockwood

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king bolete


corrugated milky










mushrooms added the week of 8-15-2006

black trumpetCraterellus cornucopioides


suillus brevipesSuillus brevipes



Do black morels fruit in your area?

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More Species Coming Soon!


I would encourage you to visit all of the linked sites. They can tell you alot more about Fungi than I can.


framed honey



framed chanterelle

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