Common Name: Aborted Entoloma

Scientific Name: Entoloma abortivum

Spore Print Color: N/A although the unaborted form will have a pink sporeprint

Characteristics: White globulous mass with pinkish veins running through the center. Stem sometimes visible but usually aborted as well. These remind me of a caulifower rosette sometimes. You can't miss these odd mushrooms once you see them. Unaborted form will consist of a grey cap and close pink gills.

Edibility: You might not think so by looking at them, but they are very good in my opinion. Careful when harvesting the unaborted as similar entolomas can cause gastric upset. I harvest the unaborted, but only if its near the aborted form.

Time of year: Late Summer/Fall

Location: On the ground or fruiting on dead wood. I find them running along the roots of oak trees. You may also see the unaborted form nearby.


aborted entoloma aborted entoloma

aborted entoloma

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