Common Name: Black Trumpet

Scientific Name: Craterellus cornucopioides (formerly known as C. fallax

Spore Print Color: pinkish, yellow to white

Characteristics: Small trumpet shaped mushrooms. When young the outside surface may have a salmon or light brown color, or they may be some shade of grey. As they mature they tend to become darker, even black, thus the common name.

Edibility: Good, although personally I feel they are over-rated. They are small and don't amount to much when used as a stand-alone mushroom. I prefer them dried, ground to a dust and added to mushroom dishes for enhanced flavor.

Time of year: July through September. I found my first black trumpets this year (2006) and do enjoy looking for them,

Location: Mossy knolls seem to be where the black trumpet prefers to fruit. Maybe because that's where I look. Beech trees seem to play a role in the habitat as well. You'll have to really look hard to find your first black trumpets. They tend to be difficult to see, at least at first.


black trumpet

black trumpet

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