Common Name: Blewit or Wood Blewit

Scientific Name: Lepista nuda or Clitocybe nuda

Spore Print Color: Buff to pink

Characteristics: Cap will be blue with a well defined inrolled margin or cap edge when this mushroom is young, turning pinkish and then brown as the mushroom matures and the margin becomes less symetrical. In fact older specimans tend to lose their round shape all-together. Gills are attached and slightly decurrent meaning they extend partially down the stem. Stem is similar in color with the blue shade becoming brown like the rest of the mushroom.

Edibility: Edible and delicious

Time of year: Late Summer through Fall

Location: Blewits can be found in a wide variety of places and habitats. Some of the more popular places to look are leaf litter and compost piles. I find huge amounts of blewit along woodland trails in thick Fall leaves. You may find one, but move the leaves around and there are sure to be more. I also have exceptional luck finding them under white pine trees in heavy needle duff. White pines used in reforestation or Christmas tree farms work great. Enjoy this common edible and as always be 100% sure of your identification.

Lepsita nuda

Lepista nuda


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