Common Name: Cinnabar Chanterelle

Scientific Name: Cantharellus cinnabarinus

Spore Print Color: White or slightly buff/pink

Characteristics: cap is orange or some variation of orange. The edge or margin of the cap will be inrolled or tucked under when young. As it matures the cap will become wavy and the margin will begin to turn up creating somewhat of a funnel shape. Gills are similar to the common chanterelle in that they are actually folds and will be forked on the ends also. Stem is orange as the cap with the inside being solid and white.

Edibility: Delicious. One of my absolute favourites.

Time of year: Mid to late Summer, early Fall

Location: I find them here located or associated with mature oak and beech trees. This beautiful mushroom isn't easily overlooked as its bright orange color will stand out on the forest floor. Some years, like 2004 produced very large quantities and the mushrooms seemed to be larger than the year before. It takes quite a few to fill your bags, but the picking is easy and well worth the time.

cinnabar chanterelle

cinnabar chanterelle


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