Common Name: Dryads Saddle

Scientific Name: Polyporus Squamosus

Spore Print Color: White

Characteristics: Shelf-like fungus growing on dead and injured trees. Top face will be off white with brownish scales radiating from the center. As they mature, the scales become more defined and raised. Bottom side is porous with large diamond or angular pores which also get bigger or wider as the mushroom matures. Odor is similar to cucumbers to me.

Edibility: Edible, although it's not on my list of favourites. Young specimans seem tender enough but older saddles tend to be tough and not too appetizing by the looks of them.

Time of year: Spring, at the same time that morels are fruiting right on through to Fall.

Location: I find them, or see them, because I don't seek them out, on dead elm trees and stumps mostly. It's been my experience for some reason that an elm that has dryads saddles on it doesn't produce morels.


dryads saddle


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