Common Name: Galerina or Deadly Galerina

Scientific Name: Galerina autumnalis

Spore Print Color: Brown/Rust

Characteristics: Cap is smooth and somewhat slimy or viscid, light brown or orangish. Stem is brownish or white with brown and will have a prominent ring visible. Gills are light colored when young slightly yellow turning brown with age.

Edibility: Deadly poisonous. Just like the Amanita species, this mushroom contains enough toxin to kill a human being.

Time of year: Summer through Fall

Location: Found fruiting either alone or with multiple specimans on decayed trees. I have found this mushroom growing quite close to a couple of edible species including Flammulina velutipes and Armilliara mellea . Great care must be taken when harvesting any wild mushroom, because simply put, haste or lack of attention may cause a person to allow one of these rascals in their collection vessel. A deadly mistake for sure. The first picture is of some galerina I found within inches of some honey mushrooms I was harvesting.


Galerina autumnalis

Galerina autumnalis Galerina autumnalis





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