Common Name: Gem-Studded Puffball

Scientific Name: Lycoperdon perlatum

Spore Print Color: Brown to Olive/Brown

Characteristics: small, golf ball sized mass with small spines protruding from the main fruiting body. White when young, then turning brown with maturity. As it matures and dries out, a small opening will appear in the top allowing spores to dispurse.

Edibility: Edible. Puffballs are puffballs to me, meaning I enjoy some, but not a whole lot. Taste is plain unless you saute' in plenty of butter, salt and pepper.

Time of Year: I found them in late Fall, but read that they can be found through the Summer as well.

Habitat: The one in the picture was fruiting along with many others on the edge of a white pine grove in a patch of moss. I've also seen them in the woods on or near decomposed wood.

gem studded puffball

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