Common Name: Half-Free Morel

Scientific Name: Morchella semilibera

Spore Print Color: Cream

Characteristics: Like other morels in that the cap and stem will be hollow. The cap will be attached to the stem about "halfway" and unattached the rest of the way, thus the common name, half-free. A look-alike is known as "Verpa bohemica" but there are distinguishing factors to look for. The cap of Verpa is attached at the appex or top and the rest of it hangs loose skirt-like. Also the stem will be filled with a white pithy material, while the true half-free morel will be hollow. Verpa are known to cause reactions in some people and shouldn't be harvested.

Edibility: Good. I like the half free and found lots of them back in Ohio. I've began to find them here in Ontario.

Time of year: Right around the time I'm starting to look for yellow morels, the half free has fruited. About the second week of May here.

Location: I have found these usually when I least expect it. Trees include Pine, Aspen, Sycamore and other deciduous varieties.


half free morel



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