Common Name: Honey Mushroom, Stumper

Scientific Name: Armillaria mellea

Spore Print Color: White

Characteristics: Caps are yellow or brown, fine hairs visible on the yellow variety, partial veil present in button stage or when young. Ring or anulus very prevelant on slightly scaly stem. Gills are tightly bunched together or "close".

Edibility: Good, although care must be taken so as not to confuse once again with poisonous Galerina species

Time of year: Late Summer through mid-Fall

Location: I find most of them around stressed or dead Oak trees, including stumps. I've seen them around Maple and Beech also.

*footnote: alot of controversy seems to be present regarding Armillaria Mellea. Check out the links on the home page for a much more detailed explaination of the controversy. Volk and Kuo have some interesting writing.


honey mushroom

honey mushroom

honey mushroom


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