Common Name: Indigo Milky

Scientific Name: Lactarius indigo

Spore Print Color: off-white to cream

Characteristics: This mushroom will have a greyish blue cap with an inrolled margin when young and become flared with age. The gills will be deep blue when young fading to a color similar to the cap or becoming rust colored with age. The stem will also be much the same color with a deep blue hue inside. This deep blue color is the basis for this mushrooms name. Being that this mushroom is one of the Lactarius species, the gills will secrete a fluid referred to as "milk." This fluid will be a deep blue as well.

Edibility: Edible and delicious. One of my favorite edibles.

Time of year: Mid to late Summer

Location: In Ontario, I find these in mixed deciduous/pine woods.

Lactarius indigo

Lactarius indigo

Lactarius indigo

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