Common Name: Ornate-Stalked Bolete

Scientific Name: Boletus ornatipes

Spore Print Color: Olive

Characteristics: Cap color is typically grey with a hint of tan or yellow throughout. Underneath side or pore surface is bright yellow and will bruise brown if rubbed with a fingernail or knife blade. Stem is deeply marked with the netlike patterns refered to as reticulation. Stem is also pretty much the same size from top to bottom.

Edibility: Good. I identified this mushroom for the first time this year. I had seen them in the past but didn't consider it edible because it can taste mildly bitter at times. I saw someone else gathering them and caught the fever quickly, of course. Even the bitter ones upon cooking, relax and taste delicious. When I speak of bitter, it's nothing like Tylopilus felleus found elsewhere at this site. Enjoy the ornate-stalked bolete.

Time of year: Late Summer, Early Fall

Location: I find them near Beech, Maple and mature White Pine.

ornate stalked bolete

ornate stalked bolete

ornate stalked bolete


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