Common Name: Short-Footed Suillus

Scientific Name: Suillus brevipes

Spore Print Color: Brown

Characteristics: As with most Suillus species, the cap will be slimy and mostly smooth. Different shades of brown. Pore surface in young specimens will be yellow, turning darker and finally brown as it matures. Stem or stipe will be short. So short that upon seeing them, you may think they have no stem at all.

Edibility: Good. I enjoy suillus species as long as the pores and pileus or skin on the cap are removed.

Time of year: Mid to late Summer and Fall in the East and Midwest.

Location: Fruiting under and around pine. I have found these in large numbers in pine tree or "Christmas tree" plantations. White pine, red pine and others provide good areas to find Suillus brevipes.


My thanks to my friend Leonard for providing these photographs.


suillus brevipes


suillus brevipes



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