Common Name: Hedgehog-Sweet tooth

Scientific Name: Hydnum umbilicatum

Spore Print Color: white

Characteristics: cap is tan or light orange with an inrolled margin when young. Margin eventually becomes wavy. The spore bearing surface is made up of spines instead of the ridges or gills we most often see. Bearing very similar visual characteristics to Hydnum repandum, except this mushroom is much smaller.

Edibility: Just like its cousin Hydnum repandum, these mushrooms are choice and delicious.

Time of Year: These mushrooms were found in November here in Ontario! A very exciting find that late in the season.

Habitat: As with all mushrooms, I suppose there are different environments where these fruit. I found these in very sandy soil in an area of Red Pine. Oak also was prevelant in the area with some White Pine. Mushrooms seemed to be relating to Red Pine exclusively.

hydnum umbilicatum

hydnum umbilicatum




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