Common Name: Velvetfoot-culitivated variety is known as Enoki or Enokitake

Scientific Name: Flammulina velutipes

Spore Print Color: White

Edibility: Good. I eat these in soup, added about 10 minutes before serving

Characteristics: Brown, sticky cap. Most of the stem is usually behind the bark of a dead tree, at least in my limited experience. They tend to grow in clusters meaning there will be most generally more than one, tighty bunched together. There will be NO ring and the spore print MUST be WHITE. I hear that this mushroom is sometimes confused with the Deadly Galerina. I have found both the velvetfoot and galerina growing within inches of each other.

Location: Fruiting on the sides of dead elm or willow. I harvest almost of mine off of dead elm trees that are standing.

Time of Year: Also known as the "Winter Mushroom for obvious reasons, this one can be found in Winter if we have a thaw. I've found it in January and throughtout the year. While Winter is here and nothing else is fruiting, the velvetfoot offers up a nice harvest for the mushroom hunter that is careful.






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