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Before you e-mail us....

.... there's something you should know.
We are not able to answer all the e-mail we receive.
We DO read all and answer most, when we're able.



Here are some examples of e-mail's I don't reply to:

  1. Where can I find mushrooms in such and such area?
  2. What is the best time to go hunting?
  3. Where are the best spots?
  4. How can I preserve my mushrooms?
  5. How do you cook the mushrooms?
  6. Can you recommend any motels, campgrounds and etc.?
  7. Are there any festivals, and when are they?
These are already answered in the site pages or on the message board.



Most of these questions are either already answered on the site,
or can be found by reading the message board.
The message board is a great place for knowledge gleaning.

Please DO NOT send any attachments
unless, we e-mail you back and ask you to send them.
I spend hours downloading unsolicited attachments.

Still want to e-mail us?
Here's the link

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