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Frank Dec 13, 2012 4:32 am

Chicken stock or broth flavor
Question: How to get your homemade chicken stock or broth, to taste like commercial chicken flavored stock, or Campbell"s soup.

Answer: Add Tumeric! Along with your other herbs.
Doesn't take much, just a shake or two to flavor a pot. More if you want a deeper yellow. Flavor will intensify with longer cooking.

I consider stock to be when you cook the bones and attached meat for hour and turns out cloudy. I consider broth to be when you gently simmer chicken meat or whole chicken and skim the top crud off, and turns out real clear.

Either way I've done it, it was good.
But... I just couldn't seem to get the same flavor as the commercial stock or broth. I always had to add a little chicken base or bullion to get that flavor even tho' I used veggies and herbs like sage, thyme & etc., when making stock or broth.

Anyway, to make a short story longer :lol: , I wanted to make some yellow rice, but wasn't about to pay the high dollars for Saffron. Did a search, and found out Tumeric will add color just fine. In fact it will stain in a heartbeat, so keep it off your fingers, clothes, towels and counter.

I found out by accident, that it was the missing ingredient I was looking for, in my flavor search for the chicken broth and stock.

I don't add it to my stock as I making it, but I add it when I use my stock if I want that flavor and color. At least now I have a choice.

So simple. Why haven't I ever heard of this in my 66+ years before? LOL

I know, I know... I'm a decent cook with poor knowledge! :embarrest
But I figured I couldn't be the only only one here in that boat, so decided to share this tidbit of info with the board.

Now... can someone tell me the secret to make my beef stock to have a flavor like beef base does.
(other than roasting the bones first) I already do that.

Bachflock Dec 21, 2012 6:22 pm

Re: Chicken stock or broth flavor
That's a good one, Frank. So easy to make a good stock. Beef is a bit more of a challenge, however. I've yet to figure it out myself. Closest I get is pan drippings when I slow-dry roast a roast. Unbelievable flavors for gravy.

piperchar Mar 30, 2013 11:12 am

Re: Chicken stock or broth flavor
I always liked the flavor of Campbell's beef broth, and found that if you add some alspice, it does the trick. I use whole allspice, and remove them before serving. When I was a kid, our nieghbor next door used to make a dish that I loved. She took stew beef, browned it, added water, whole allspice, and cooked it in the pressure cooker until tender. She would then ladle the beef and broth in large soup bowls, over cooked egg noodles. YUMMM!! This to me is the ultimate comfort food. I use about two tsp of whole allspice, and some salt. Delicious, and easy!!

Frank Mar 31, 2013 1:22 am

Re: Chicken stock or broth flavor
Will have to give that a try Char.

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