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miker Jul 11, 2006 6:21 pm

How to identify shrooms,
In the excitement of finding new species, we have a tendency to let are guard down and assume that the color of the cap assures us that it is the samething we have been picking for the last hour. Or "it looks sorts like it, and must be a young one".

The last month or so, I have been reading posts that sorta alarm me and other members of the board I'am sure, of people thinking they found "this", only to get it home and find out they had "that" instead.

Please remember you are dealing with the summer shrooms now, not the simple morel. Some of the worlds deadliest shrooms grow in this timeframe.
Most of these toxins doctors can't cure.

Please take the time to do macro and micro studies. If you are not familiar with this, please read in the Helpful Bag of Stuff , Essay on Toxic Shrooms macro and micro studies.

This post is not to jab at anyone, or criticize others and their hunting techniques.
Just a cautionary statement, to say, "Slow down and make sure you have the right ones".

P.S sporeprints don't lie, a caps color can.

rond Jul 12, 2006 10:49 am

Fantastic essay about poison mushrooms. I found it extreamly interesting. You and others also, continously amaze me with your knowledge and your desire to help others learn about mushrooms. Thanks for all your tips.

Wanderer Jul 12, 2006 11:15 am

This is what this Board is Famos for GOOD INFORMATION. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Ohio Transplant Jul 17, 2006 11:11 pm

Pictures and photos are great. Everyone, including me loves photographs of fungi, but I learned that using photos alone for identification purposes is a big mistake. Camera exposure, film or digital and if you're strictly viewing digital images your monitor alone can make the resolution, and therefore the image look different. It's great to use photo's to compare features like scales, nodules, shape, texture, veil or not etc. But try not to depend on photos for color. Color of a particular mushroom and it's spore print can vary greatly in camera.
But you are right. The Audubon is a great beginners book and accompanied with others works well.
Glad you're enjoying your new hobby, or obsession, as it is with me. :thumbup:

Jack Jul 18, 2006 6:59 pm

MY TWO CENTS: I key and ID my own shrooms, no offense to anyone but if Im gonna die I want it to be my own fault.

AND on the topic of cooking wild fungus... I ate uncooked, dried suillus luteus and spent the rest of the night prayin in the bathroom. Wont happen again

Mountaineer Jul 18, 2006 8:57 pm

On the uncooked mushrooms, I don't think it is safe to eat them. I think higher cooking temp may be able to destroy some toxic chemicals in mushrooms since they are organic.

Has anyone done some research on the temperatures and the mushroom toxins?

Jack Jul 18, 2006 10:56 pm

A stupid presentation for sure. I made a cold pasta salad, and just threw them in for "presentation"...It looked nice, didnt taste too bad either(that is the first time)

I dont eat slipperey jacks anymore anyway, there are much better fungus in the woods

No research on temps. But after recovering from the aforementioned incident, I checked out the suillus, lecinum, boletus families to find that they can all make most people in most cases puke if eaten raw.

Law450 Sep 9, 2006 8:02 am

It's because of guys like you, that I have taken to a new way of Mushroom hunting.
Because I am "NEW" to this, I look to who I consider the "PROS" and heed there advise on this matter.
Mushroom hunting is a fun, but very dangerous field. One can never be too sure of what they are dealing with.
So I took this appraoch to hunting mushrooms.
When it come to Morels, it's easy. You really have to be ignornot know a yellow, white, of black, froma false morel.
But for all the others,
I pick any and all shrooms I find. I bring them home and then study them, I do spore prints. I look at them though a mocroscope.
I make damn sure that what Iam dealing with is a "TRUE" edible.
This isa great sport/hobby, but it is also one that can kill, so you have to be oe your toes.
I will not eat anythin that gives me the slightest inkling of a doubt to it's saftey towards my health.
I have Mike and others to thank for that.
And I wish others will do the sme.

miker Sep 18, 2006 10:50 pm

It still seems to me that some folks here, do not realize what they are playing with in the field of shrooming, let me assure you you are not toying around with some form food poisoning, that if you don't like the taste you can stop eating it, the first swallow, is the WAKE UP CALL, OR IF SEVERE ENOUGH THE FINAL CURTAIN CALL FOR YOU!
It still appears that people ignore the warnings that are preached here by shroomers with many years experience, cases in point,
1. I still see people posting of mixing and cooking different types of shrooms together, how are you going to explain to a Doctor, which one is the one you think is the one that poisoned you? Or how does your wife explain it when you are comatose?
2. Misidentification of shrooms, by lack of owning books and going by hearsay, or the worst trying to identify by pictures, JUST BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE IT, DON'T MEAN IT IS IT!!! Read the dam discription and read the part about cap and stem coloration varieties.
3.not understanding the true effects of shroom poisoning, do you think this is something like food poisoning? Which you can go to the Doctors over and get a prescription for? This is not some simple Bacteria, THIS IS A TOXIN!!
HOW ABOUT A SIMPLE explanation of how they deal with severe shroom poisoning, you are brought in to the E.R either still semi awake or comatose, it is reported you ate some form of wild shroom, so the Doctors don't know which one, so this is where the fun starts for you who ignored the warnings, first of all they induce vomiting, but if your awake, they have to put you to sleep, so you don't swallow it and choke to death on your own vomit while you are semi delirous, then run tubes up your nose and down into your stomach to start pumping it out, which is a series of charcoal washes to insure any remaining toxins are removed, and this goes on and on until they find no more traces of the toxin.
Then comes the intestinal purges, charcoal washes again, except this time they shove a hose up your a**, until it is just below the opening of your stomach,and turn the water on and check for toxins periodically, you don't worry about pain because now your organs are shutting down, and the Doctors are talking to your family about funeral arrangements, and if you do live thru it, you will be a very fragile and weak being, that the common cold could kill, now don't this sound like fun???????? Maybe in your last thoughts you might say something to yourself in your mind like, "why didn't I listen", I by no means am an expert, but I listen,observe ask questions and read, not talk and wait for others to identify for me, hope it helps you understand, before only the Good Lord answers your questions for ya,mike

Ohio Transplant Sep 18, 2006 11:16 pm

I'm going to have to respond as well. This is the first year since I've been coming here that I have seen so many misidentifications. In some cases mushrooms have even been eaten because they thought they had something they didn't. Lately, I've noticed jokes about eating poisonous mushrooms as well.
The collections i see coming home have been ripped out of the ground and dirt and debris added to the collection vessel. I don't get it.
Some of us have discussed the happenings lately, and thought it was time to again tell folks to take this seriously. I mentioned to miker over the weekend how so many are ready to eat anything, as soon as someone gives them the green light.
If you don't own a field guide you have no business hunting mushrooms.
If you own one, you need 3. If you own 3, you need 7.
Like greys said, the web has it all. I'm curious how many have honestly tried to key out a mushroom on their own. Do you even know what a Dichotomous Key is? If you don't, no need to be collectin' mushrooms.
Ain't trying to be a pita here, but we, as an online community don't need someone getting sick, let alone dying from being foolish.

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