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Frank Feb 16, 2015 2:58 am

Most all forums now allow Photo Posting
Or at least I think they will.

After many years of requiring photo's to be posted only in certain section of the forums, I no longer have to do this. It was because of data restrictions from my hosting company. I used to have to go through and delete out many threads and photo's several times a year to remain within my storage space.

They've increased my storage now, so I think I will be okay in allowing more photo's into the database. I know it will make our members happier. LOL

I do wish that you would still use the photo sections, in relation to their content and titles. It makes it easier for people to find them later on.

Thanks and have fun.

ShroomHunter Apr 4, 2015 5:22 pm

Re: Most all forums now allow Photo Posting
Frank, I don't know how this would work but figured I would throw it at you.......I have noticed on Facebook of people/groups posting pics of morels in their natural state(i.e. not been picked) and have the caption of: how many can you find. Well my idea would be to have a section whether it be in the photos section or maybe under the title of education? But I thought that this would help both veteran/newbie hunters get their eyes focused into the hunting mode. I figured that the members that are into photography could post their photos and this in turn would help sharpen the eyes of the new members that haven't been successful and get the veterans ready for the season. I'm not sure what this would en tale but thought it was a good idea and would run it past you!!!!!!!

Frank Apr 13, 2015 4:02 am

Re: Most all forums now allow Photo Posting
Thanks Scott. Several people usually do this on their own each year, so I don't think I need a separate forum for it. I always enjoy seeing if I can find them all.

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