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Frank Sep 20, 2004 3:05 pm

Deadly Galerina and Honey/Stumpers (copy thread)
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Fall is a time when people find many honey mushrooms. Some of these people are finding them for the first time on their own.
This thread is to help those hunting the honey for the first few times. In 2003 we were gathering them for the first time on our own. We had never hunted with anyone else for these, so I depended on my Audobon book and help from people on this board.

Here is my story.

Debbie and I were in a large honey patch. Not only were they visably growing on wood (stumps etc.), but they were spread out over the ground as well. I imagine they were groing off the roots or old buried wood.

We had colected these several days in a row when I noticed a slight difference in some of the ones I was picking. They seemed a little heavier than the ones I had been finding and the gills were a little thicker. But from the top, they looked just like the other honeys that they were scattered in.

Thanks to the many times I had heard safety preached by so many board members, we stopped picking and took some (in seperate bags) home to study.

I posted a photo and some thought it was just an old waterlogged honey. But when I spore printed it, the print came out brown. It was the Galerina.

Attachment 4764 Suppose I had not taken the time to spore print it, but just relied on the general consensous of it being a honey. I might not be posting about it now.

That put a healthy scare into me, and as of right now, I'm not hunting honey's until I get the chance to hunt with someone else where we can find both honeys and galerinas so that I may learn first hand some of the finer points of field identification.

Spore print of the honey is a pale off white or creamy color.
Spore print of the Galerina is brownish.

The gills are usually lighter on the honey than the Galerina, but some of those galerina's were fairly light as well.

Honey's grow on wood. Galerina grow on the ground. If I was going to collect some today, I would only pick the ones right on a stump or tree and not the ones growing out away from the tree. Now I'm not telling you not to hunt these. Just trying to make all newcomers aware how easily, bad mistakes may happen.

As Sarge used to say on NYPD Blue, "Be careful out there!"

miker Oct 17, 2007 10:45 pm

The best way to describe the difference, is to look at the gills, galerina will be brown all the way from the button stage, wherein the honey will start out white and not turn brown, until they are so rotted you won't touch them,mike

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