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rork Oct 30, 2016 1:29 pm

Trophy Hedgehogs
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The biggest hedgehog was 14 ounces. Got 5lb total. Took a 5 lb hen of the woods - there are some in perfect condition again. There are new honey mushrooms and shaggy manes in my Washtenaw/Jackson county area too. I see new Lepiota americana as well, which I don't bother. Made two deer with shroom dishes for last nights party,and sauteed and froze the remainder in liquid. Had doe tenderloins with hogs and hens Tuesday too, after me and the partner picked some in the dark after bow hunting, in what was a new hedgehog spot for me (we had spotted them on the way in).
I've had a very lucky fall, with shrooms, and a personal-best buck on Oct 15, so I've got many deer+shroom dishes to come. Beware of deer out there if you are driving - there's chasing going on. Don't get them "the hard way".

bluefinn Oct 30, 2016 1:37 pm

Re: Trophy Hedgehogs
Wow, your having fun! Nice hogs, wish I had them that big,they're one of my favorites. Lets see the buck pic. so far I'm scoreless but heading back out today.

rork Oct 30, 2016 2:39 pm

Re: Trophy Hedgehogs
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Not sure it's appropriate here, but OK. Here's a not-to-gory shot. 10-point with an extra little brow sticker. G2's and 3's are just 6 inches or so - not as gnarly as some others, but he's cute. 175 lb dressed. Likely 2.5 year old. Mile from the road naturally. Heart shot (which means "too low, but lucky").
I made my apologies, gave my thanks, and made my promises to do good (I'm a volunteer steward for MI DNR, fighting invasives). It's our practice.

mister_zee Oct 31, 2016 11:43 am

Re: Trophy Hedgehogs
Congrats on your mushroom haul. I am going out later today for hens and I anticipate finding a trunk full. It is as though there is a second season this year.

I have a new flush of parasols today in the backyard. Shaggy manes are popping all over the place (don't care for these).

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