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rork Aug 28, 2017 5:29 pm

Pholiota_squarrosoides and Pig's ears
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Found just 2 groups of Pholiota squarrosoides near Rockport on living Aspen this weekend. It was right on the main trail to a famous sinkhole so we left it there even though it was in fantastic condition. Some things are more important than my stomach, and many people have perhaps never seen this. I have seen it only rarely.
Also attach a pic of one of two batches of Hydnum repandum (hedgehogs) which were hard to find this year - I look under beeches in Preque Isle county, but down by me (Wastenaw/Jackson) it's usually oaks. I was hoping for chants but found few. Saw only a few lobsters too, pretty old. Not enough rain. Suillus brevipes and granulatus were rare, S. americanus, more abundant, and S. pictus very abundant but too old.
Final picture is of a slightly too old Cantharellus clavatus (pig's ears), from spruce/hemlock forest, another rare sight for me since I do not live in conifer forests.

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