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My wife Debbie & Morels

As most of you know, my wife Debbie has steadfastly refused to eat any mushroom, other than the Chicken Mushroom. That is one food which actually taste like chicken and has the same texture as chicken breast. She loves to hunt mushrooms with me, but just won't eat them.'re not going to believe this...

Debbie asked me to cook some fresh morels so that she could try them again. I was flabbergasted!
Sure, I replied, trying to look nonchalant.

So last night I cooked some yellows and grays. As these are a more mild taste, I thought she may like them better.
I halved them and dipped in egg wash and cracker crumbs. (Seems like you have to double dip them because just the wash alone will not stick real well the 1st time to the morels.)

Fried them with peanut oil and real butter to golden brown. These were our appetizers to our dinner of a chuck steak casserole/stew or beef and veggie bake.

She ate 5 morel halves all by themselves and said it didn't seem like she had that mushroom texture that she's afraid of, and they tasted okay.


as I was scarfing up all the others we had cooked, I asked if she wanted any more. To my amazement, she said yes. And ate one more. Not bad, she said.

I'm so very proud of her for
finally pushing out her mom's aversion to mushrooms,
and trying them on her own, with an open mind. That is hard to do when it's ingrained from birth.

Tomorrow, she is willing to try some black morels sauteed up without any breading. Not holding my breath waiting for her to like those as much, but then you just never know.

My jaw is still hanging down from her eating, and liking, the yellow and gray ones.

Way To Go Debbie!

Now on to seafood, snails and liver. LOL


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