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Hunting Tips

Regarding MOrels


Black Morel earliest variety

White Morel one week later

Brown or Blond Morel another week later usually you get poison ivy picking these

Gray morels should be left alone to see if they mature into browns which are always
found nearby within a hundred feet. Check back in these areas a week or ten days

Stay Away from all verpa's and gyromitas their poison is cumulative and variable

which means you can eat them for awhile and then have a strong reaction a dizzying,

blackout, heart palpitation, this is it experience. Which is my eating a single verpa

by accident once. Parboiling is not recommended to remove all of the toxins.

Remember there are old mushroom pickers and bold mushroom pickers but no old and bold

mushroom pickers

Timing brown or blonde varieties

In eight out of ten years they come up on the day. The other years one week early to one week later

Rain makes little difference.

Go to last years proven patch and recheck it every 3rd day or so

Or if traveling the first bloom on a wild strawberry plant is my best indicator.


Getting lost

Carry two compasses preferably three so you can get them all out and vote. With one compass

you will call it a damn liar or say it is broken and go the way you think is best.

No compass? and lost

My method is this stop stop stop and sit your down on the ground. the lost reaction is a jumpy

im in a hurry to get myself unlost, and sometimes you feel like running, a heart upping experience.

Make a decision in this state gets ya farther away from familiar surroundings guaranteed.

Step one

clear a area about 8 foot by 8 foot or so of leaf litter twigs etc until you have a seeable 8ft by 8ft

clear patch. And call it home base.

At this point guesstimate how many paces away from familuar surroundings you are.

start with 50 paces then 100 paces then 300 paces.

start walking 50 paces in a straight line from home base then turn around and retrace your steps back.

No luck?

do it again 50 paces 90 degrees from the first direction turn around and come back

do it 4 times total.

no luck?

now 100 paces 45 degrees from the first in the x pattern again

No luck

Now 300 paces in the x pattern and so on.

found your bearings? now sit your down until you can figure out how your mind lied to you
about 5 minutes

This method solves what you hear about people lost a short distance from the road.

Other methods, winds blow mostly from the west. Orion constellation is in the south

Morels like areas that have been disturbed in some way
along fire trails
golf course edges
power line edges
abandoned apple orchards
logging areas

sod farms maybe
no standing water good drainage dappled shade

When you find some sit on the ground a lower point of view helps

fan out from this area east west is best

Once you get the time be prepared to cover ground.

saw toothed elms are good.

Finally the water that you soak out the bugs with save it in plastic milk jugs
then dump it in your morel patches.

The future

starting spores on sheets of agar then working it in your morel patch.

every year my patches produce less and less.

but finding a virgin patch is all the fun.

oh prime time in southern michigan is may 1st yellows mothers day up north
memorial day in the upper pennisula
These ideas are my experience ymmv
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