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Re: Where is the Chaga?

Hi and welcome to our forums Shawn.

There are no guarantees in wild mushroom hunting!

I don't hunt Chaga myself. so I can't give 1st hand info. But I understand the best chaga comes from white or yellow birch.

You have to go where the birch are. And you want to see a LOT of Birch. It will involve a lot of walking as they don't grow everywhere in a stand of birch, and may not even be one in a stand. If it was easy.. well...

Chaga takes years to grow, so don't expect people to give out their spots. They protect that info. But they usually are willing to give you tips on how to find them.

And I am sure some of our members who do hunt them, will share that info you.

Good luck Shawn. I wish you success, and again, welcome!


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