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Re: Where is the Chaga?

Paper Birch trees do occur in the thumb region.
Yellow Birch occurs sparingly in Southern MI, as does Gray Birch.
European White Birch is naturalized in Southern Michigan, and Paper and Yellow Birch trees are generally common in Michigan north of Holland-Grand Rapids-Flint-Port Huron, though the range of Yellow Birch extends pretty much to the southern border of Michigan with IN and OH. Yellow Birches occur, for example, in Yankee Springs, while Paper Birch does not. Patches of Gray Birch occur near New Buffalo and South Haven, (recognized by clumps of spindly white trunks.)

As for "Chaga", I couldn't find it in any of my mushroom guides, so I looked online. The scientific name is Inonotus obliquus, which is listed as "Clinker Polypore" in the Audubon guide....found on birch, reported on alder (birch family) and elm.
It is found throughout North America and can be found year-round. It is also called Birch Canker Polypore and Poria edibility info is listed.
Hope this helps.

Jeff O.

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