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Send A Card to Blake W/ Down’s syndrome

Here is a request from another forum I visit often not relating to mushrooms.
Just thought I would pass it on here too.

A friend posted this on another forum and I wanted to post this here and see if anyone could spare the time to help out. I have permission to post this from the family.
Hey folks. Can y’all help me with this. My friend has a son with Down’s syndrome and he’s an awesome kid. He brings so much joy to everyone around him. He loves getting Christmas cards… I mean LOVES getting them. Every day he runs out to the mailbox hoping to get a card from different states. He’s got a map and puts pins in the cities he gets cards from.
Can y’all help me by sending him a card from where you are? I can’t tell you how much joy it would bring him.
Blake LOVES to get mail! If you would like to exchange cards mail him one at :

Blake Pyron
729 Dove Ridge
Sanger TX. 76266

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
And some prayers for him and his family would help too.
Of course I already know our members do that anyway.
You've proven it over and over again. Even those that don't post it to the public.


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