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My mother is back in the hospital.

My mother has been short of breath lately and my brother wound up taking her to the emergency room this afternoon. She has been admitted to a room and will probably be in the hospital until Friday. They are draining fluid from her lungs and heart.
She was been suffering from congestive heart failure for years and has had several angioplasties since 1999.
She may need a couple more stents put in, and am hoping all turns out well.
When I visited her this evening she seemed ok, and not worried about getting more stents, because she's had them before, and recovery time is days instead of months like open heart surgery.
On November 10th of last year, she had heart valve replacement surgery and was doing quite well until recently. The last week or so she has been experiencing shortness of breath after taking only a few steps. Yesterday (Wednesday) she could barely breathe.
Please remember her in your prayers.
Thank you.

Jeff O.
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