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Re: Why no morels this year?

in my experience, not really. Heck, I'm surprised that you found a few near the sugar maples! you could pick 4 and leave one and see what happens, but you could also leave them and see what happens anyway. 5 morels isn't a deal maker/breaker for a seasons harvest! but if you can leave them alone and they look in good condition still, let them grow large and then you'll have a nice meal with 5 large morels :) there is documentation of morels growing for well over 14 days. the larger you let them grow, the more chance you give them to spore out, and then you can pick them anyway!

and lawns are not all that bad for morels. I happen to pick a few in lawns when the habitat is right. Just don't pick from lawns that look "perfect" because often they are sprayed with herbicides and you don't necessarily want to be eating things that can accumulate herbicide residues :)
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