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Re: Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017.

We are doing better. I do cancer research and have been becoming more hopey lately. The so-called "checkpoint inhibitors" for example, took only about 6 years between knowing what the programmed death ligands do and getting drugs invented and approved - and they are nearly magic for some people. They are being tested in dozens of trials on different kinds of cancer, and new approvals are coming about once per month I think. Just a week or two ago CAR-tcells were approved for some leukemias - it's an astonishing trick, and it's just the beginning of the beginning. Cell based therapies of various other kinds are finally looking near to working, like educating macrophages, or expanding selected killer T-cell subsets. All the things I just mentioned are immune system tricks, but there's progress on other fronts too. I'm working on fighting Notch pathway (in AML, brain tumors), and Wnt-pathway (Colon, ovarian), with small molecules. Thousands of people have dedicated their lives to these fights. We also have HPV vaccines, and I hope to see a decrease in Head-and-Neck cancers in men (it's increasing now), and anal cancers kinda suck too - preventing cancer is even better than treating it. If you do science, these are the days we have hoped for. Things finally move fast. When I started out, it took us a year just to clone a gene.

Best wishes.
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