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Re: Another first

The only hens I found were before September 14. I only picked 3 this year before I left for TN for 3 weeks.

I've been looking since I've been back and have found nothing. In the past few weeks I've found old black stainers and only one or 2 old hen bodies.

What is going on? 2012 was a hot dry year but it was fantastic for hens! I guess it did cool down in August that year and we got some rain. But I'm not positive about that rain...

The puffballs have popped again.

No new honeys down here but we did find some edible ones near Mt. Pleasant last weekend with Sister Marie and the MMHC.

I haven't seen a black trumpet this year and I haven't seen a cinnabar chanterelle. The only hedgehogs I found were in TN.

Worst year ever for me!
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