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The 1st political thread!

Years ago I started a political forum, hoping to promote dialogs of "why" to see things a different way.
That forum didn't work out. It only resulted in unbased flaming hate speech, without any efforts to explain facts, or why, they believed in a certain way.

I only started that forum for my mother, (alive at the time)
who wanted to help heal our country.

I wish I had never made that forum! It saddened my Mom.

Such hate spewed forth without facts. I can't recall a single post of informative facts and ideas, and why we may want to revise our thinking on some items. I really wanted a dialog of of ideas, and why they were supported, and so did she.

But I am going to try it again, but in only ONE thread, instead of a full forum. We'll see how it goes.

I can be turned from one view to another, if the facts are explained, and showed to me to be true. But someone has to explain the why's and wherefore's to me, in order for that to happen. And it is most successful, if presented in a friendly way.

In my life, I've voted both Democrat and Republican, depending on the facts I had available.

So...PLEASE, try to state your views in an amicable way, and give facts to back them up, if possible. But at least, be friendly to others.

This video link will explain mostly what I am trying to say.

Don't let the title of the video, turn you off.
It is very misleading!

What I got from that video was dialog between people, and our country's people voices being heard by our elected officials. And not to just rely on elected officials, to do right thing on their own agenda's.

What's your take?


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