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I begin Again.

Hi Folks,

This is my second intro. the first one disappeared in the ether, as did many of the mushrooms this year, at least for me. I was there, where were they. It makes one hypothesize that mushrooms have off years too. They decide en mass not to show. They were not at Russ Woods or Harry's Hollow. They skipped a year. Is that possible? Do mushrooms get stingy and grumpy, cling deep to their mycilia and take a year off. There is, however, an alternative hypothesis: A proliferation of cars were seen at my "secret"sites. More people are in the woods and therefore fewer mushrooms for me. That's okay. Really! With people in the forests marching the trails those trolls in high places may not grab for small ephemeral gain what is ours and free. Yes, the National Forests and State Forests are ours and intact, but arm twisting lobbyists and greedy folks are clawing away at your birthrite. They would grab these sacred places to fill plastic bottles with water, to rip through with pipelines and drill for oil, gas, minerals and coal. And even if your land is safe from all this, there are others who would stab second homes, McMansions into the ground and surround them with private signs. They would have what is yours bought from the State at bargain prices, lost forever to your children's children. So be vigilant my mushroom foraging friends, get out there and claim what is yours and is free.

Anyway, the mushrooms were scarce in 2017. But I saw more people in the field. And their presence is the force that keeps State and Federal land free and ours.

I am a new member and I will be faithful to you and the wild.

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