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Icon16 Hello! Nice to meet you

I like to forage throughout Michigan, but mostly near my home in the midwest region of Michigan. I really like ink caps, chicken of the woods, dryads saddle, and morels. I think they are great bases for vegan dishes. Favorite uses like pulled sandwiches, battered, dressings, stews, mushroom stock, and storing them dried for future uses in whatever comes to mind. I really love mushrooms, in EVERYTHING. I am fairly new to this but for the past few years since I started I've gotten quite the haul; been quite proud of myself. It's gotten me quite hooked. I'm still looking for new polypores to entertain my pallet, always open to swap stories and ideas. I like to try to source as many ingredients possible for my mushroom dishes by means of foraging.

Looking forward to talking to other mushroom fans. Nice to meet you.
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