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Re: Good Morel Season For 2018?

So far it has been a typical La Nina winter.
In Southern Michigan, December started out cold and snowy, followed by a mid-month thaw, then brutal cold starting on 12/24/17 and lasting until around 1/8/18.
Around 30 inches of snow had fallen by then in SW MI. Temps stayed below 20 degrees, often falling into the single digits near Lake Michgan, and the negative teens away from the lake.
There was a thaw in mid-January, and February opened up with above normal temps, followed by a return to cold weather. We had about a foot of lake effect snow, then another foot of system snow.
Then came the big warmup and rain on 2/21/18. The snow was all melted, and some areas received 6+ inches of rain, leading to historical flooding on many rivers in the Great Lakes Region in Michigan and Indiana.
I noticed this past week that Red-Winged Blackbirds, Common Grackles, and Killdeer have returned to Berrien County, about a week later than last year.
There is definitely not a lack of moisture, with the wet fall, snowy winter (around 90 inches in parts of Berrien Co. so far this winter) and all the rain we've had recently.
I think this year will be a very good year for morels.

Jeff O.
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