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Debbie needs some prayers

This has not been a good week for my/our beloved Debbie.
She is having eye problems that started last week. Her right eye seems to be losing vision more each day. Went to eye doc on Monday he didn't know, so sent her to a more advanced eye doc. (I'm not bothering with correct terminolgy ;)

The 2nd one couldn't find anything obivous to cause it either, but he thought along the same lines as the 1st doc. Inflamed optic nerve. No treatment for it as it usually goes away on it's own. But to make sure it wasn't else hidden, he scheduled her for an MRI of the right eye and brain.

Then today she had to have 6 tubes of blood drawn for various test, and her family doc scheduled her for more MRI's on Monday. Her family doc seems to think maybe is it the early stage of MS. So that is the reason for the extra MRI's. Then she also has to have an IV with steroids three days in a row, to try to reduce the inflamation in her eye.

Needless to say Debbie and I are quite worried about all this. We are hoping that the original guess of just an inflamation of the optic nerve is the only thing, and that it will resolve itself as normal.

I have to go back on the road again Sunday and can't be here for her,
so I'm asking all of you to wrap Debbie in your prayers, both for healing and some inner peace for her.

Thank you all,
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