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Preseason nice day wisdom scouting.

Scouting in line at Meijer's? or at the local video store? In the last 2 days of sunny nice weather while standing in line , I have new areas to explore for morels I just made a comment out loud that this nice weather has gotten me excited looking forward to mushrooming. In both cases an older person smiled and started talking about how they remember how fun it was and how many they found and where they found them! Were they so free with their information because of the sunny day? their age (wisdom) I don't know. But in both cases they mentioned places that I have found morels and places I have not looked yet...I will now and in one case was invited to hunt their farm in exchange of % of shrooms found! . Because of the serendipity of it I had to share this thought that scouting has many aspects. You never know what wisdom can be found preseason scouting on a nice day. P.S One area I checked is now a strip mall. I hope to give her a nice dinners worth somehow.
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