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Hey everyone. Yep, they are portobello and cremini. Actually the same mushroom, marketed with 2 common names for sales. Cremini are smaller in the button stage with veil still attached. Baby ports are cremini that have opened, or #2's and of course portobello's are the ones that get big.
It is interesting as heck here.
I did a video of a room fill yesterday. That's after a room has been sterililized and inoculated substrate is conveyored into the beds, 12 beds per room. Then after that is in, a secondary casing layer is applied over the substrate. The casing layer amounts to various organic products and a lot of water, so the non-technical term would be
But yeah, it's really awesome here.
I just now am working on some websites for them, and will help case a room tomorrow. Looking forward to that.
To see a room full of mycelium so thick it looks like snow hanging off of substrate is amazing, let alone seeing thousands of mushrooms days later.....

I'll post more pics when I get some time.
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