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Re: Hunt with experienced 1st. How?

GREAT questions Frank.

Thinking back to when I first joined a resource that would have been nice to find is a side bar, or something similar, that had a list of mycological clubs in the state. For that matter, I don't know how many there are and someone else already mentioned one but I know they are out there. Something to consider anyway. The more I explore this site the more I realize and remember how many resources are already here. Those truly serious will explore and hunt around a little more (on this site and others) to gather more info in my opinion

My "Beyond the 'Question'" answer...

Ultimately I think you're looking to maintain that "family" feel here and I think there are people here willing to help. However, much of the responsiblity ultimately falls back onto the budding mushroom hunter. To begin with, I hold to something I heard a professor (thank you Dr. Sutton!) say in a class back during my college days, "There are far more mushrooms out there that are non-poisonous than truly poisonous. However, the human being has an uncanny ability of seeking out the posionous ones first." Right or wrong he was refering to the uneducated/under-educated/over confident individual trying to find edible mushrooms. If someone, anyone, of any experience, is cavalier when picking mushrooms it very well could end poorly for them. Anyone seeking to pick any fungi, including morels, must educate themselves despite having anyone willing to take them into the woods. There is a TON of good advice placed on this board. However, who's to say there isn't one or two who are overnight experts, the "I'm not a mycological expert or even experienced but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night..." type. People have to be smart enough to protect themselves and research sites such as Mushroom Above all, you can't beat time in the woods, collecting specimens, and spending time truly trying to identify something. To many people nowadays are caught up in the RIGHT NOW attitude - no patience to truly learn about what they want to find. Hey, I'm a member of the Sesame St generation - I want everything RIGHT NOW as well. If someone asks for help its up to whomever is willing to speak up but the person asking has to be willing to learn beyond just finding a good spot. A cold shoulder won't make friends but guidence to the willing will make family.

My 2 cents...

The best lessons are those learned before you wish you had known better, especially when thinking edible mushrooms.
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