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Sautéed shrimp

24 raw shrimp completely peeled and deviened (31-40 count is what I use for this recipe)
10 cloves garlic chopped into small chunks (a pretty good pile of it)
1 TBSP or so chopped fresh parsley
3 pinches crushed red pepper (to taste)
Enough extra virgin olive oil to cook your shrimp in, a cup or so
sea salt to taste, optional
1 loaf fresh French bread sliced into 1/2 inch pieces lightly buttered, optional (or your favorite roll or bread)
Total cooking time about 6-7 minutes

In a large pan heat the olive oil on medium heat.
When hot add the shrimp, they should start a mild sizzle. Maintain that sizzle through out cooking.
After a minute or two turn the shrimp, spread the garlic around the pan.
Turn the shrimp after another minute or two and sprinkle the parsley & red pepper over the shrimp. Add some salt, optional.
Then toss/stir it all around for a few minutes more until the shrimp is done and garlic is nicely sizzling but not really browned and remove from the heat. Quickly salt to taste.
Remove all the shrimp to your plate leaving most of the garlic pieces in the oil.
Take the pieces of bread and spoon on some of the oil with the garlic-parsley-red peppers in it onto the bread.
Makes a nice appetizer or meal with a side dish of your favorite pasta or rice dish.
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