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How to identify shrooms,

In the excitement of finding new species, we have a tendency to let are guard down and assume that the color of the cap assures us that it is the samething we have been picking for the last hour. Or "it looks sorts like it, and must be a young one".

The last month or so, I have been reading posts that sorta alarm me and other members of the board I'am sure, of people thinking they found "this", only to get it home and find out they had "that" instead.

Please remember you are dealing with the summer shrooms now, not the simple morel. Some of the worlds deadliest shrooms grow in this timeframe.
Most of these toxins doctors can't cure.

Please take the time to do macro and micro studies. If you are not familiar with this, please read in the Helpful Bag of Stuff , Essay on Toxic Shrooms macro and micro studies.

This post is not to jab at anyone, or criticize others and their hunting techniques.
Just a cautionary statement, to say, "Slow down and make sure you have the right ones".

P.S sporeprints don't lie, a caps color can.
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