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Re: Rolled my ankle...

Will do Vance.
That kind of stuff HURTS!

I moved my arm the wrong way tonight, and ran into the other room and told Debbie to "Pull My Arm". Needless to say, she started laughing,
thinking I was kidding and refering to "Pull my finger". LOL

I wasn't.

About 5 or 6 muscles locked up in my chest and back,
and I knew the only way to unlock them was to relax, while they were stretched out.

I bent over, relaxed my muscles, and she pulled my arm out straight for a couple of minutes. It worked.

She still laughed at me tho.

Small things to some,
Serious to those that have the pain.

So I'll remember you in my thoughts and prayers.
And to Debbie? ... Quit Laughing!


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