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Verpa's for sale ?

I hunted in Mesick this morning and as I was headed back north the usual 2-3 cars were at the corner of M37 & 115 with their signs and coolers selling Morels or so they say . well when I got back I received a call from jondahighlander and he seen them also but he stopped to see how much they were getting for a pound and to jons surprise the guy said $40.00 for 7 ounces of blacks...ouch ! but the real kicker was he also was selling the poisonous verpa bohemica for $20.00 a pound. when jon and his buddy told the guy he was selling poisonous mushrooms the guy simply replied "thats hogwash".

so here is my better know what you are picking and eating and more importantly if your buying from a guy on a corner who could give a sheet as long as he gets his 20 spot. DO YOUR HOMEWORK or ask someone you trust what is real.
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