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Re: Fern fiddleheads.

the ostrich ferns are starting around here... these are the edible fiddle heads. blanch in water, drain, then sautee them. this will be my first try of them, as i am positive these are the one that should be eaten. no other fiddle head should be eaten other than ostrich fern. note that they only have a papery husk, no white or brown hairs on them at all. they should be smooth and green with a v shape if you unfurl them. the other plant is obviously leeks

apparently health canada advises against eating them because they have a carcinogen but many people eat them and have for a long time. they can also result in a thiaminise which breaks down thiamine which can cause deficiency. they also advise against eating the wild ginger as well because of carcinogenic aristolochic acid... which the FDA advises not to consume...

but the FDA's advice is questionable in my opinion, they allow all kinds of crazy s#!t to happen with our food. They approve lots of things that have been proven to be horrible for humans to be consumed... like GMOs, artificial food dyes, MSG (you know that bag of Doritos you cant help but devour?), artifical hormones being fed to our livestock, you name it they approve it... so why should I not eat the wild ginger, and fiddleheads (in moderation) when people have been doing so for a very long time? wild man steve brill has both of these on his foraging site... he notes how often he uses the wild ginger. I would almost bet that these two plants are more healthful than not. but i could be wrong!
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