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Bear sightings

Just got a flier in the mail regarding the number of bear sightings in our state lately.

they urge all hunters, hikers, and fisherman to take extra precautions while in the out of doors.

First they advise that all outdoorsman to wear little noisy bells attached to their clothing so as to give advanced warning to any and all bears that you are approaching. this will keep you from taking one of these bruins by surprise. Next, they suggest that everyone carry Pepper Spray with him or her in case of an actual bear encounter.

All outdoorsman should also be on the lookout for fresh bear activity or sign such as fresh scat. You should also study so as to know the difference between cub and adult bear scat.

Cub bear scat is smaller and contains lots of berries and dassie fur. Adult bears scat normally contains tiny bells and smells like pepper.

Good luck in the out of doors!!:)

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