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Re: Big Mushrooms in Yard.

The Yellow Footed Agaricus is native to the Pacific Northwest, and these are in my yard not in the Pacific Northwest
I originally thought these were Eastern Flat-topped Agaricus, I also suspected they were Horse Mushrooms. I am concluding they are Eastern Flat-topped Agaricus (Agaricus placomyces) which is poisonous to some people.
Horse Mushrooms have a Blackish Brown spore print, while this one has a chocolate colored spore print. Needless to say, based on the spore print and foul smell, these will only get eaten by the lawnmower.

Since these are potentially poisonous, and again this year are growing in a fairy ring, it is best to identify mushrooms in fairy rings before eating them. Some fairy ring mushrooms are good, others are poisonous. Saying that fairy ring mushrooms are poisonous or edible is not a good generalization. The key is what kind of mushrooms are in the ring, not the fact that they are in a ring.

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