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Re: Big Mushrooms in Yard.

Thanks Jeff,

This is good work by you. Interesting that you read that the a. arvenis has a blackish brown spore print vs. a chocolate brown. Be careful getting that subjective. To me, unless you are going in with a microscope, I am not able to define the difference between dark brown and really dark brown.

The Fairy Ring mushroom is probably the worst named mushroom of all time. Many dozen varieties of mushrooms (both choice edible and scary toxic, and everything in between) grow in rings.

An uncareful, poorly educated forager may (MAY, if he/she is increbibly stupid) harvest and eat mushrooms because they grew in a ring and there is a good eating mushroom named the Fairy Ring.

Scary. Those guys will get a 48 hour stint on the toilet, if they are lucky, and hopefully that'll cure their stupidity.

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