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Re: Venison and wild mushroom MMMMM

You're right there Frank. I really dont trust any of them sometimes!! The intern that admitted me was the last Doc to release me. He was the one that I wainted for from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm (14 hours) inorder to discharge me. He was a Indian Doctor at about 35 years old. The gall of him not to think that my time is also important. I told him how I felt as he look me over. Believe me, I gave him a good piece of my mind from the moment he walked in and left, which was about 3 seconds. 3 seconds is all it took for him to release me and there I sat in that room dress and ready to go home for 14 hours. I was so P_SSed off, I even sent him my bill at $250.00 per hour for my time.

Take time to feel the ground below your feet and stay connected to the Earth. Remember, If you eat the wrong mushroom, you'll be part of the earth, in lieu of connected to the earth. Ted
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