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2012 morel season poor overall

Don't feel discouraged by the poor 2012 morel hunting season people.
It has been strange, and not really productive year for almost everyone.

It started very early, due to very warm winter and exceptionally hot march.
But then took a dive as colder temps in April and May took hold.

Debbie & I never even went out.
Mostly because of health (80%), and partly, because of poor hunting success by others (20%).
My back was bad and Deb's MS has her legs weak, and fatigue great.
Near as I can tell, we didn't miss much.

It does hurt though.
This is the 1st season we never been in the woods together for spring morel hunting since 1995.
I love the time together in the woods and finding morels with my sweetheart!
We both missed that greatly this year!

Next year will be better for all!


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