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Re: 2012 morel season poor overall

It was an off year, but I still managed over 600 for the season. Persistence and planning paid off. Areas 10 miles or more east of me were very dry and did not produce well. Areas 10 miles west or more produced well. The lack of success in the proven areas led to finding new areas. If we have a good year like last year and I have time to clean out all the old and new spots, I'll find more morels than ever. I hate to say 'told you so', but most of what I posted in the Morel Preparedness thread paid off. I did discover I don't like hiking boots very well since my feet get sweaty even on cool days and I switched back to old tennis shoes unless it was wet in the woods. As a Cubs fan, I will apply the appropriate phrase "We'll get 'em next year".
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